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A journey through the time

Hospitality has a long tradition at us.
The following is an interesting retrospective.

Hotel & Restaurant "Haus am See"


It is one of the most famous and certainly the oldest restaurants in Ferch. The Hotel and Restaurant "Lake House" located right on the Schwielowsee, awaits its guests for over 100 years.

was built the main house with kitchen wing in 1900 by painter Göbel. When he got into financial difficulties, he opened a small pension.

Göbel sold his house on Lake Arthur Jacobi began a short time with the first extension and renovation later. He built halls for rainy days and holidays and summer opened restaurant with large terrace. His faithful cook, Mr. Schulze, who again worked for him every summer got paid later in gratitude the restaurant. 1970 at age 65, Mr. Schulze started the search for a successor.

At the time, the woman Wilke for the 1st time guest at the lake house. When she heard about the sale, she was thrilled and decided its brewery in Brandenburg for sale to start a new life in Ferch. Family Wilke kept the restaurant with a lot of love and patience in private hands. That was in GDR times not always easy.

After their parents' death in 1978, the daughter Brigitte Stein born Wilke took over the restaurant. She trained as a cook and was a successful restaurant manager, with the support of the family.

then a hotel was built in April 1993rd The halls could not be used, had become dilapidated. The hotel now has 21 rooms, including 15 doubles and 6 singles. The restaurant has 150 seats and 180 places in the garden. The Hotel & Restaurant "Haus am See" is today maintained and appreciated by the 4th generation of the family stone-Jährmann.

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