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The House

Potsdam Attractions

Sanssouci Park and Palace

See a historical legacy as a residence of the Prussian with unique palaces and parks. Exciting details and surprising insights allow a visit to the park on 290 hectares are an experience. Sanssouci Palace is one of the many highlights and namesake of the park.

New Palace (Potsdam)

For presentation purposes intended, the New Palace should prove after the Seven Years' War, that still possessed in the royal house through monetary means. The lock can be found at the western end of the main avenue in Sanssouci Park and is one of the most pompous buildings of Potsdam. The interior of the 170 rooms testifies pomp and prosperity. Even a small theater has erected the culture lovers Frederick the Great in the interior.



Cecilienhof Palace

The Cecilienhof Palace is a historical place, where many special events have occurred. Especially the Potsdam Conference was held there in 1945, when the Potsdam Agreement was concluded. Today there are to see a permanent exhibition on the subject.

The Dairy in the New Garden

In the dairy farm to learn the bathing all original sense know. Particular emphasis is regional peculiarity and centuries-old brewing tradition. With an appointment you have even the opportunity to attend a brewery tour or a beer seminar.

Luisenplatz und Brandenburg Gate (Potsdam)

The Brandenburg Gate is located at the western end of the Brandenburger Straße, the shopping street of Potsdam. At the erection of the gate, which resembles a Roman triumphal arch, two architects were involved. The 2000 redesigned Luisenplatz before Brandenburg Gate invites with its fountain system to take a break.

Belvedere on the Pfingstberg

Stunning views that inspires! The Belvedere - a play tower facility with spacious colonnades in the style of an Italian Renaissance villa, surrounded by an English landscape garden is always a worthwhile goal. With fantastic views over the Potsdam garden realm of march will be rewarded to the top.

Babelsberg Palace and Park

To the east of Potsdam is the Babelsberg Palace, which was designed by Schinkel in neo-Gothic style. Over the years, many architects worked on the design of the castle, which served as the summer residence since 1871 Wilhelm I.. After planning by Peter Joseph Lenné and Prince Pückler-Muskau Babelsberg Park was laid out along the lines of an English landscape garden. From here you have a unique view of the Glienicke Bridge.

The Dutch Quarter

The picturesque houses in the Dutch style with many small restaurants, cafes and shops are an ideal place to stroll with a special flair. The Dutch Quarter was built in 1734-1742 on behalf of the soldier king Friedrich Wilhelm I. His goal was to bring Dutch craftsmen to Potsdam and to offer them a home here.

Bornstedt Crown Estate

Another popular destination is the Bornstedt, not far from the Sanssouci's Park. Originally built as a model estate of the Hohenzollern family, the house now offers plenty of space for various events. A special highlight on the Crown Estate are the "long guy", men in suits Garde with a size greater than 1.88 meters, representing itself as a "living museum".

Museum of movies Potsdam

Experience a unique journey through the Brandenburg movie history and discover many original costumes and props. Learn a bit of history and trivia and let persuade to one or the other join-in campaign.




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